[Eating melon diarrhea]_ cantaloupe _ diarrhea _ what to do


[Eating melon diarrhea]_ cantaloupe _ diarrhea _ what to do

In hot weather, many people like to eat cantaloupe very much, which has the effect of reducing heat and quenching thirst, but experts said that cantaloupe is a cold food. If you eat too much, it may cause diarrhea.?

First, diarrhea is recommended to be treated with Smecta and Zhengchangsheng capsules. If the symptoms are not relieved, it is recommended to go for infusion treatment to avoid causing water and electrolyte disorders.

Second, if diarrhea usually occurs, but if the situation is not very serious, this only needs to take a little oral diarrhea and stop immediately. At the same time, it should be noted that diarrhea cannot eat raw cold food.

Suggestions: As long as this situation is not very serious, you only need to take a little oral diarrhea to stop and control it. It is still necessary to pay attention to not being able to eat raw cold food during diarrhea.

Third, what can I not eat with melon?

1. Can not eat with bananas to make kidney failure patients, patients with arthritis suffer from aggravation.

2. Do not eat with crabs, field snails, oil cakes, and crabs, which will damage the stomach and stomach and easily cause diarrhea.

3, can not eat with beer, crab, beef, pork liver.

Fourth, can melon pregnant women eat?

Of course, you can eat it. Pregnant women only need to pay attention to eating cold and flammable foods in winter. There is no need to eat seasonings and drugs as much as possible (which may cause baby deformities). Moderate consumption has no effect. Cantaloupe contains emetic.I’m afraid Doha can be uncomfortable.

Fifth, some people ca n’t eat cantaloupe?

Cantaloupe is cold and should not be eaten too much to avoid causing diarrhea.

People with beriberi, jaundice, bloating, constipation, cold cough, and postpartum, should not eat more.

Cantaloupe sugar metabolism, people with diabetes should take caution.