[How to make razor wine]_How to make_How to make


[How to make razor wine]_How to make_How to make

Many families like to make various fruit wines by themselves, and raisin wine is one of them. Of course, raisins and grapes are still different, but the resulting tastes are also similar, but the sweetness of raisins may be higher.

What is the method of making razor wine?

During the production process, the water on the raisins must be dried without any trace of water, otherwise it will be broken during the brewing process. It is also important to add the sugar in proportion.

Method for making raisin 1.

Wash and dry the raisins; 2.

Peel and crush.

2. The stiffer is harder to crush easily; 3.

Add sugar and stir well.

I prefer the sweetened sugar at the standard of 2 and 2 sugars per catty.


Put 2/3 full to find a shading and dry place to wait for fermentation; 5.

5. After fermenting for a week, don’t forget to stir it every day.

After 2 weeks, it is recommended to remove the peel, otherwise the wine is easily bitter. About 3 weeks to filter (recommended to find a piece of gauze).
How to make raisin ingredients: Sorghum wine: 1.

5l black raspberry: 500g homemade black raspberry wine practice: 1.

Sorghum is packed in 2L and poured out 0.

5L is packed in another bottle; 2.

2. 500 grams of black grapes, I bought disposable, if you buy dirty, you must wash and air dry before using; 3.

Make black grapes into a wine bottle, store in a cool place, and replace it after sealing for one month!

Winemaking Tips 1. Please pay attention to the ingredients when buying wine, some have additives, try not to choose these, choose pure sorghum or pure rice to make better

2. Generally, the brewed wine should be more than 30 days higher and better. The longer the time, the better the taste.